Pancakes for Christmas

HO! Ho! Ho! Pancake Christmas. Fill the house with joy and laughter this Christmas, by serving up a plate of fresh hot pancakes. Pancakes are the ideal way to start your Christmas morning. After opening up those presents from under the Christmas tree, it’s now time for some Christmas sweet relishing. Pancakes drenched in yummy chocolate or maple syrup and garnished with chocolate shavings and crunchy nuts are a perfect happy holiday experience. Pancakes are simple to make and can be served with a variety of accompaniments ranging from fresh fruits to whipped cream.
Pancakes are not just a lonely eating activity, but a family filled event. Indulge yourself with a warm elegant dessert that can fill your belly and share a lovely family meal. After all, Christmas is all about sharing and cherishing between family and friends. We at 99 Pancakes love Christmas Holidays and gift you a Christmas with some joyful tips on how to make your very own Christmas Pancake.

To make the perfect morning Ch…

Whats so special about 2nd Feb

The 2nd of February is a particularly auspicious day in France. It is a religious holiday that commemorates the time when Jesus was first presented in the Jerusalem temple. The holiday in France is referred to as La Chandeleur. On this day a lot of crepes are devoured and this soon evolved into a magnificent celebration. Prior to the 2nd of February befitting a religious holiday, the festival of Chandeleur was also rooted in many pagan traditions, that celebrated the earth's fertility and the demise of winter. This was deemed a very good omen for the time of harvest. The festival gained popularity, when Pope Gelasius inaugurated 'The festival des Chandelles', on the 2nd of February in the 5th century A.D. This tradition involved a candlelit procession all through the Roman city streets. where at the end of the procession, the candles would be placed in the church walls. Pope Gelasius merged the tradition by handing out galettes, which is a salty base crepe, to all the poor…

Things to do this week

With the rains wilting away and the city of Mumbai now filled with clear skies. It's time for everyone to get off hibernation mode and step out, to enjoy the lifestyle the city has to offer. You have been sitting on your couch idling for the rain to stop pouring and now that it has, you are presumably wondering what to do. All that isolation has left you disoriented and out of date with what's trending in Mumbai. Good News, we have mustered up a list of trending and inspiring places for you to visit. Feel free to shuffle the order of your visit, as per your liking. Here is a listing of places near Mumbai fort area, also called as South Mumbai, where you can visit and feel the real Mumbai city vibes. These places are also wonderful tourist sightseeing places or clearly a place to stack back up on energy.

Afghan Church: Located in Fort, Mumbai. Afghan Church is an accessible walk down Colaba Causeway. The Church is impressive with its historic heritage and architecture that still …

The history of Nutella

We all love chocolate and are thrilled by its taste. We eat chocolate all through our lives, with our peak craving in our adolescent and old age. Chocolates are dispersed among loved ones and families on special occasions, solely because of its the perfect overwhelming gift. If you are an enthusiast of this godly food, then you are well aware of the famous international brand Nutella. Whether you love to smother it on your bread, utilize it on any food or simply clutch a spoon and have a plain quickie at home, you may notice that you find Nutella irresistibly savory. However, before everything was all pretty and exemplary, Nutella experienced an epic journey before arriving at your table. No, We are not discussing the delivery of the Nutella bottle that you may have ordered from your grocery store. We are attributing to the history of Nutella, which is a real inspired tale, that involves passion and love for chocolate, together with a meticulous picking and processing of only the choi…

25 Fun Facts you didn't know about pancakes

We all love devouring pancakes, they are light fluffy and simply delightful in every bite. Pancakes encompassing the world are made in distinctive styles and flavours as per the ancestral influence of the originating country. They are often consumed as a breakfast, but with the ever progressing popularity, pancakes have now evolved into an anytime meal.  Filled with a lot of stuffing's such as fresh fruits, nuts, and chocolate they can take your palette on a quest of flavours. Here are some amazing fun facts that you may not have known about pancakes.

1.Pancakes have gained a reputation as a ‘love food.’ Why? May you ask? Frankly, because you fall in love in every appetizing bite.

2.Pancake Day or even Shrove Tuesday as many like to call it falls between February 2nd and March 9th, this depends on the date of Easter. It signifies the start of lent which is a 40 day's time frame between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.
3.Pancakes were simulated as lent would involve the abstinence…

Finding the perfect pancake

Finding the perfect pancake can mature into a real menace. From the batter to the texture, getting the right fluffy pancake can pose a threat to the reputation of your cooking. We at 99pancakes are famous for our delicate crepes and fabulous pancakes. Our vast knowledge and experience with pancakes, make us the people's choice for advice. Here are a few tips that can make your pancakes taste astounding, just like ours.
Hot Tips: Pick a good recipe: Recipes can vary the final outcome of your perfect pancake. Find a recipe where the batter should be higher on the thick side and still have an easy flow for a fluffy pancake. Maintain a balance between wet and dry ingredients, so as not to make it to soggy or dry.Vanilla Divine: Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your pancake batter, this will give the batter a superb taste and flavour. Vanilla extract in pancakes does what salt does to cooking.Buttermilk Secret: Use buttermilk in cooking even if the recipe calls for regular milk. Sinc…

Break up food for the soul

Just been through a breakup? Feeling depressed and all abandoned. Here’s a few suggestions that can help you cure that heartache of yours. When it befalls to breakups, there is nothing good that comes out of it. You spend your life centered on a relationship and soon everything goes down the drain. Breakups don't only affect you, but the people around you as well. A heartbreak can either influence you to extreme indulgence in food, also termed as stress eating or the complete loss of appetite, which is also known and fretting for someone. Breakups place you in a subterranean abyss of depression, anxiety, and sorrow filled with memories of the past. You may also discover a huge loss of interest in everything, from working in the office to facing your friends again. Well have no fear, love is just around the corner. Did you know that love and food share the same emotional hormones? Our tips will help you get a better focus and help the break-up recovery move much faster. The quickest…