Why eating desserts makes you a better person

How often do we feel a massive guilt indulging in a yummy dessert? Probably wondering what your diet freak friends would say about your food habits. We tend to hear lectures from friends, family and even your Gym coach. Well, I have great news for you and your friends. There are many advantages of eating sweets. Just remember like any food sweets that are prepared also come packed with a lot of goodies that help you benefit your body. We all love to eat sweets and don't need a reason whether it's eating as a burst of energy requirement, sulking over the ex-boyfriend or even a job promotion. Sweets can be enjoyed without any particular reason. Just one bite and we feel like we are in heaven.
If you are one of us that craves pancakes, chocolates, cakes or any desserts, you are not alone the world is with you. Rest assured you can now feel good about yourself, as new discoveries by science have swiped our minds clean of superstitious beliefs and given us a positive look towards dessert consumption. Let us share a few logical reason why you need to pick up that spoon and treat yourself to a little divinity.

1.    Mood Changer:
We don't even have to explain this point, just one bite can set you to a brighter mood. Recent studies have found that many desserts and chocolates have found to possess qualities that release endorphins in the body giving you that pleasure feeling.

2.    It makes an excellent breakfast
According to researchers at the TEL Aviv University's Wolfson Medical Centre recent studies have shown that consumption of sweets as a breakfast for non-diabetics lowers food cravings. Your body when hungry craves food and when we put a no-no label, we force the body to get into safe mode. Let's just say it's not good because the body then stores the fat in the cells for future use. So eat up and say bye to excessive fat.

3.    Moderate Sweets are all you need
Many people overdo it with sweets. However sweets are meant to e relished not massacred, You don't eat your friends entire birthday cake. Many restaurants have realized this and serve a slice of any dessert from cheesecake to European desserts. Next time doesn't be upset about the quantity. Remember,  'eat to live not live to eat'.

4.      Stroke Prevention:
Yup! Did you know that dark chocolate consumed daily can help reduce stroke in the years to come? So no excuse, why you can't grab a yummy pancake topped with some chocolate sauce and wave bye to those strokes. 

5.        Blood Pressure Lowered
Work driving you crazy, to all my hard working humans, try and splurge on a dessert now and then as chocolate is known to reduce blood pressure. Make sure your dessert has a dash of the chocolate cure.

6.          A Better Lover
It's true and this secret is known for centuries from Romans o the French. Love your pancakes, now love it more. Pancakes contain ingredients like milk, chocolate and a whole lot of other spices that can accompany the dish. Consuming desserts like this increase testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in woman, besides this, the aroma has an aphrodisiacal effect.

7.            You become more enjoyable to others.
Admit it, eating a dessert makes your day, You start feeling better, your body feels loved and in return, you begin to mirror these feelings to others as well.


So now we know why desserts can make you healthy and a better, happier person. So dive into those crepes, cakes, shakes and delicious guilt-free desserts.


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